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  1. A white electric-powered Nissan Leaf car charges in a garage.

    Links of Interest for February 28, 2023

    Black immigrants, how lithium gets mined and debrined, carbon and cars, carbon and trees, plus...

  2. Three people are preparing  selling rolled noodle soup with crispy pork at a street food stall in Bangkok

    Thai food diplomacy

    Gastrodiplomacy helped Thailand secure foreign aid and generally improve its image in the world....

  3. A screenshot of Climate Jets dot org.

    Tracking billionaire carbon emissions

    Mother Jones tells us more about 17-year-old Akash Shendur, creator of the now-suspended Twitter...

  4. Two medical personnel wearing masks are performing tasks in an operating room. It's not clear whether this is an active surgery, pre-operative prep, or post-operative tasks.

    Medical debt means Southerners have worse credit

    A national healthcare system could go a long way towards fixing this. So could Medicaid expansion.

  5. Worthless goldtone coins representing Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin cryptocurrencies.

    Crypto is not a good investment

    Cryptocurrency is not a solution to the racial wealth gap.

  6. An orange colored cat lays on a brown blanket in a human bed. The cat is resting against an open laptop computer and appears to be squinting at the screen.

    Wednesday Web Dev Links

    Okay, these aren't purely web development links, but they're still good reads. Here are four...

  7. YAML, Automated Accessibility Testing, and Ways to Use :has()

    Just what the post title says. It's a round up of web development links about Yaml, automated...

  8. An island with cottages and beach chairs somewhere in French Polynesia

    Planning an Early Retirement

    Most retirement advice assumes that you'll want to work for forty or fifty years until you...

  9. Friday Four: Links to end the week

    Three links about race and history, plus a study that suggests we can reduce transportation...