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  1. Saving can start with a jarful of coins.

    Learning How to Build Wealth Through Investing

    As I work on building our wealth, there are a few resources I turn to regularly and recommend to friends.

  2. An old rusting tug boat that’s run aground. Its white paint is peeling. ’Point Reyes’  is painted across its bow.

    Meditating on Middle Age

    A columnist for The Cut writes a relatable essay about how weird it is to be a 40-something. I...

  3. A field of corn from the perspective of someone standing in it.

    Links of Interest for December 28, 2022

    Three bad news bombs about the global food supply, California lynchings, and Google AdSense,...

  4. Bond Buying 101

    Last week, Motley Fool Money featured an excellent segment about buying bonds. Alison Southwick...

  5. Three surfboards and paddles set against palm trees and calm waters somewhere in Thailand.

    Links of Interest for December 24, 2022

    If you celebrate Christmas, these are things to read while ignoring your family on Christmas...

  6. Hardcover of 'American Spy.' It features a black silhoutted figure draped in an American flag in which the blue field was replaced by green, and the white stripes were replaced by black ones, to reflect the colors of the Pan-African flag (red, black, and green). The author's name, Lauren Wilkinson, is in red text. The title is black text. It's all set against a deep yellow background.

    A Book I Read: American Spy by Lauren Wilkinson

    Lauren Wilkinson's 2019 debut uses Thomas Sankara's rise to power in Burkina Faso and his...

  7. A basket of pale blue, brown, and white chicken eggs.

    Baskets of Eggs

    Investing can be risky. That's why you shouldn't put all of your eggs into one company's...

  8. Glass mugs filled with mulled wine. The mugs are on a serving tray, and surrounded by orange peel and pieces of star anise and coriander seed.

    Holidaze 2022

    Some holiday season grumbling and a few of my favorite Christmas-themed songs. In my perfect...

  9. A jet being bathed in the glow of a sunset on the tarmac at Schipol airport.

    What you're doing isn't helping

    Lots of steps we take to reduce environmental damage and decrease pollution have been conflated...