Tiffany B. Brown

About me

I am a web developer, writer, and book author with over a decade of experience working on the Web.

I started my career as a producer for online media outlets. Then I transitioned into being a full-time web developer for Georgia Tech, Fletcher Martin (now Trend Influence), and Armchair Media.

From 2011-2013, I was part of the Opera Software Developer relations team. It's a role that required lots of outreach, documentation writing, and education.

Now I am back to being a web developer. I hope you’ll consider hiring my consultancy, Webinista, Inc.

Contact details

You can reach me by any of the following means (most to least preferred):

  • tiffany at webinista dot com
  • Skype: tiffanybbrown
  • Voice: +1-818-570-6360