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About Tiffany B. Brown

Tiffany in the Montj├╝ic neighborhood of Barcelona. In the background are some native trees. Beyond the trees is the cityscape of Barcelona.

Sometimes I take a good selfie. May 2023.

I am a web developer, writer, and book author with nearly two decades of experience working on the Web. This site is where I try out new stuff (CSS and JavaScript mostly), and share opinions and advice that no one asked for.

I began blogging in the early aughts as a way to break into web development. It worked! I've worked for entities large and small, public and private, including a public university, a full-service advertising agency, a Seattle-based tech start-up, and a boutique design house. I'm a former member of the Opera Software Developer relations team and United States Department of Veterans Affairs Digital Services team.

Now I'm blogging again because I have opinions! I'm trying to quit Twitter. My husband is tired of my unstructured rants. I also miss early aughties internet culture: writing for tens of friends, away from the algorithm, with maybe enough AdSense revenue or donations to cover my meager hosting costs.

What you'll find here

You'll find lots of web development posts from, say, before 2017. I still do web development, but I don't try to stay on the bleeding edge anymore. As a result, I write about it less.

I also write about culture and U.S. politics. Both are recurring themes in my blogging. I'm also trying to read more and more deeply, so you will see the occasional review or notes about whatever I'm reading.

I watch a lot basketball, especially women's hoops. I haven't written about it much, but that might change.

Lately, I find myself interested in money, wealth, and finance. I mean this both in terms of building and acquiring my own and in terms of how wealth and capital function in society. I've started writing about it because it helps me make sense of it. I'm doing so publicly in hopes that it will help someone else make sense of it.

In other words: this blog is mostly a brain dump of whatever caught my eye and sparked a thought.

About the stack

I use Pelican to publish the posts and pages that I write using Markdown. I use Typora as a Markdown editor.

This site is hosted on Amazon Web Services’ CloudFront and S3. I upload files using aws-cli.

Headings use Fraunces by Undercase Type. Body text is Lola, a gorgeous variable font by Cyreal. Tags and related post links use IBM Plex Sans. Inline code and code blocks use IBM Plex Mono.

Contact and corrections

You can reach me via email at: corrections at tiffanybbrown dot com.