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Browse and search WordPress actions and filters

A pattern of fishhook illustrations against a light purple background.

I'm easing my way back into WordPress development, with a focus on plugins. One of the more frustrating parts of this work is finding the right action or hook to use when you haven't been deeply immersed in plugin development.

WordPress.org has a reference guide for functions, hooks, classes, and methods. If you need documentation for an action or filter, it's great. If you need to know what hooks and filters are available, not so much. Hooks are listed in alphabetical order, across several pages. It's difficult to skim or browse.

That's where my latest personal project comes in, the (not-at-all) cleverly-named: WordPress Hooks. It is what it says it is: a searchable, browsable list of WordPress actions and filters all on one page.

Having these hooks all on one page allows you to browse everything, although you will have to scroll a bit. Sort hooks by name, type, description, or the WordPress version in which it was introduced. I also included the option to hide deprecated hooks.

If you want to narrow your search, you can. Enter a function name or keyword to filter the list. This is useful if you want to see hooks for a particular area of WordPress — dashboard-related filters and actions for example.

Each hook links directly to WordPress' documentation. Once you find the hook you need, click through to learn more about it.

I used PHP to scrape the documentation pages and generate the JSON file that powers the site. I used React for the front end and Parcel to build the bundle. It's hosted by Amazon Web Services.

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