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Best Things I Heard This Week (Week 19, 2024)

A jockey wearing a white jersey and pants with a green riding helmet and black boots. He's riding a chestnut-colored racehorse around a grass horse track.

Photo by Daniel on Pexels.

Podcast episodes about the CHIPS Act, the Kentucky Derby, baby bonds and the near future of abortion rights and reproductive justice.

Lots More on How CHIPS Act Money Got Awarded
A wonky overview of how money from the CHIPS Act is being allocated to various chip manufacturers, including Intel, Samsung, and Taiwan Semiconductor. There's a little bit of messiness around how much money will be available to Intel for making military chips. From Bloomberg's "Odd Lots" podcast.
Larry Demeritte will be the first Black trainer in the Kentucky Derby in decades
Back in the day, the Derby had lots of black trainers and black jockeys. Now Demeritte is one of the few who participated in this year's races. (From NPR's Consider This.)
The Stakes for Reproductive Rights with Jessica Valenti
Reproductive rights — specifically, the ability for women to get abortions for any reason, but especially when their health and reproductive organs are at risk — are under grave threat. Chris Hayes talks to Jessica Valenti about what states are doing to limit abortions and penalize women who have them. (Why Is This Happening? podcast from Chris Hayes and MSNBC.)
Are baby bonds a good investment?
Senator Corey Booker introduced baby bonds on a national stage during his 2020 presidential campaign. Although his campaign failed, the idea of baby bonds didn't go away. Connecticut became the first state in the country to implement a baby bonds program. This episode of "The Weeds" from Vox interviews Darrick Hamilton, co-creator of the baby bonds idea.
Improve your sense of direction
Some solid tips for figuring out which way is up, no matter where you are.