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Best Things I Heard This Week (Week 18, 2024)

Mint green over-the-ear headphones rest against a color-blocked background. The left half of the background is the same mint green as the headphones. The right half is a rosy pink.

Photo by Moose Photos from Pexels

I've been so busy this week that I haven't been able to engage in my usual podcast listening. But I did find a trio of interesting episodes.

Exploring what the 'NOVIDs' can teach us
What can we learn from people who've never caught COVID, or caught mildly symptomatic, easy-to-ignore cases? Is it genetics, good practices, healthy eating, luck, or all of the above? To date, I'm still a NOVID 🙏🏽🤲🏽. When Jason caught it, earlier this year, I managed to avoid the ick. What helped: vaccination, spending time in well-ventilated spaces, and masking with an N95 when I don't know the quality of the ventilation. (Petrie Dish from Texas Public Radio.)
30 years since the end of apartheid, is South Africa still an emblem of democracy?
South Africa is one of the world's newest democracies. Certainly one of the newest, multi-racial ones. Thirty years after the fall of apartheid, how is that democracy going, and is it serving all of its citizens? NPR's Consider This explores the topic.
How To LA - How To Live Car-Free — In The Car Capital of The World
It's hard to think of a more car-centric city than Los Angeles, but it's also a city where people get by without a car every day. In this episode from LAIst (KPCC), Angelenos discuss how they manage to live a car-free, or car-lite life in the world's car capital.