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  1. Neighborhood density and the climate

    One hill I will die on is the neeed for denser neighborhoods with more transit, more active...

  2. Photo of a 1990s era Series EE Paper Bond.

    How to Buy Savings Bonds or Treasury Bonds

    Something I recently learned, or maybe it's something that I just recently noticed: savings...

  3. Doha, Qatar skyline at night as photographed from the Arabian Gulf, also known as the Persian Gulf.

    How do You Say ‘Qatar’?

    Correctly pronouncing Qatar is pretty difficult unless Arabic is your native language. Our...

  4. A shimmering golden number one hundred in the corner of a United States one hundred dollar bill.

    How to Buy Treasury Bills and Treasury Notes

    Treasury bills and notes are two securities products offered by the United States Treasury...

  5. Me, with Brittney Griner, left under blue lights.

    BG is Free

    Brittney Griner has been released from Russian custody. This is good.

  6. The changing usage of LOL

    "Vice" looks at the history and changing usage of "lol."

  7. Tomatoes growing on a vine.

    Can microfarms reduce food insecurity?

    Los Angeles organization Crop Swap is trying to address food insecurity one front yard at a time.

  8. Solar panels in a snow-covered field with a wind turbine in the distance.

    Links for December 5, 2022

    A round-up of links that are mostly about clean energy and decarbonization.

  9. Black Twitter

    One of the things I will miss about Twitter is its loose communities. I consider myself part of...