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Links of Interest for December 24, 2022

Three surfboards and paddles set against palm trees and calm waters somewhere in Thailand.

I don't know where this is, but I'd rather be there this week. Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

The Key to Widespread Adoption of EVs: Less Range
Yes! The thesis here: batteries are partly why EVs cost so much. Charging time and range anxiety are slowing adoption. If you can trade battery size and capacity for more frequent charges, but lower costs, then maybe electric vehicles can become more affordable. Related: Season 1 of How We Survive will help you get smarter about how the global supply of lithium might present some problems for EV adoption.
The Obvious Answer to Homelessness: And why everyone’s ignoring it
TL;DR: If mental-health issues or drug abuse were major drivers of homelessness, then places with higher rates of these problems would see higher rates of homelessness. They don’t. … What prevents at-risk people in these states from falling into homelessness at high rates is simple: They have more affordable-housing options.
The Tradition Of Tamales During Christmas Holiday
(Note that this is a podcast episode with no transcript.) In which we get an overview of the styles of tamales in Los Angeles, a brief discussion about whether tamal or tamale is the correct singular (more on this), and a mention of the Mississippi Delta's hot tamale tradition.
Tamales Are The Gift That Keeps On Giving: Here's Some Memorable Ones To Try Around LA
If you'd rather read about tamales and related food items like Puerto Rican pasteles, there's this from LAist.
How Tory Lanez trial bloggers are shaping the conversation around Megan Thee Stallion
One of the absolute weirdest things on Twitter since this case unfolded is the ongoing debate over whether Megan Thee Stallion lied about getting shot, lied about who did it, and whether or not she deserved it because of who she did or did not have sex with. (Aside to Megan only: If you did sleep with Tory Lanez I see why you'd not be forthcoming about it now that I've seen that man's face.)
Reach out and listen: How to help someone at risk of suicide
How to help someone who is going through it, so they don't harm themselves. It walks through how to recognize the symptoms of depression and suicide, and offers some tips for an immediate intervention.
‘I just wanna surf’
I got a little misty-eyed at seeing the joy and relaxtion on these women's faces. They're beautiful people having adventures, reveling in each other's company, and building community in a sport that can be so very isolating for black women.