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Links of Interest for April 21, 2023

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Four links for your Friday evening enjoyment.

Accessibility Checklist from The Washington Post
The Washington Post has one of the nation's best news web development staffs. It shouldn't be a surprise that they also have a solid, open source style guide which includes this accessibility checklist.
The Push To Reimagine LA's Streets And Alleyways To Fight Both Drought And Floods
Los Angeles has always had a drought-prone, semi-arid climate. Thanks to global warming, droughts are happening more often and lasting longer. As a result, the city is rethinking its water management approach in part by capturing more rainwater. This piece looks projects in the Los Angeles neighborhoods of Sunland and South Los Angeles that capture rainfall and alleviate neighborhood flooding. [LAist]
AI is taking the jobs of Kenyans who write essays for U.S. college students
Artificial intelligence may be undercutting the wages of academic writers or contract cheaters — people who sell academic papers on the internet to college students who have more money than sense. Smart contract writers are, of course, using services such as ChatGPT to help them craft papers. Still, some Kenyan writers are reporting a drop in the number of assignments they receive. [Rest of World]
Judy Blume made periods a hot-button topic. A new generation is taking up the fight
Judy Blume's books expanded my world as a child. She's one of the best young adult authors on the planet, and beloved by so many. I'm glad we're giving Judy her flowers now because she deserves them. Judy Blume Forever is a lovely feature documentary about the author, and her fans, and the correspondence she's shared with them over the years. It's now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. [Los Angeles Times]