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The Best Things I Heard This Week (week ending July 28, 2023)

Rose pink over-the-ear headphones rest against a color-blocked background. The left half of the background is the same rosy pink as the headphones. The right half is mint green.

Photo by Moose Photos from Pexels

I forgot to change the status of this post from draft to published on Friday, July 28 so that it would go live. So I'm publishing it today without changing the date. Pretend this went up Friday, okay?

Two podcast episodes about Islamic finance and preparing to get old.

Other People’s Pockets: Khalid Kadir on Islamic Finance in America
Islam prohibits riba, or the charging of interest for loans, but most loan products in the United States charge interest. So how can Muslim Americans buy homes, cars, and college educations? Well, that depends on the Muslim in question. Khalid Kadir, a Continuing Lecturer of Civil and Environmental Engineering, talks through how he makes these choices and helps us imagine alternatives to traditional American finance.
How Can You Prepare for the Perils of Aging?
Tell your parents to stop playing and make a plan! And then make one yourself. You're not getting any younger either. And then revisit the plan periodically. It's very important. This episode tells you what to do and consider.