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Wednesday Web Dev Links

An orange colored cat lays on a brown blanket in a human bed. The cat is resting against an open laptop computer and appears to be squinting at the screen.

I know this cat isn't really surfing the web, but it's a very pretty kitty, so I decided to use the photo. Photo by Catherine Heath on Unsplash.

Okay, these aren't purely web development links, but they're still good reads. Here are four links about <dialog>, working with units of money, continuous integration and delivery, and web browser interop.

Use the dialog element (reasonably)
Scott O'Hara makes the argument for migrating your modals to use the <dialog> element. Accessibility support for the <dialog> element has improved since 2018.
How to deal with money in software
Money is a little bit like names in that everything you think you know about it is probably wrong. This post walks you through some potential pitfalls of storing money values in different formats. There isn't a good conclusion here
Automate your container deployments with CI/CD and GitHub Actions
If you need to get up-to-speed about using containers with a continuous integration/continuous delivery workflow, Jenna Pederson has you covered.
Interop 2023: continuing to improve the web for developers
Browser implementations are more consistent than ever, but they're still not perfect. This post takes a look at what browser vendors will be working on — and hopefully shipping — in 2023.