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YAML, Automated Accessibility Testing, and Ways to Use :has()

Just what the post title says. It's a round up of web development links about Yaml, automated WCAG testing, and the :has() selector.

The yaml document from hell
For a while, YAML was the only configuration file format in town. But, as Ruud van Asseldonk argues, YAML is actually kind of terrible.
Comparing Manual and Free Automated WCAG Reviews
Adrian Roselli reminds us that automated accessibility testing can catch obvious misakes, but many of the rules outlined in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines require manual testing and review.
More Real-World Uses for :has()
:has() may be the most useful CSS selector introduced in years. This post rounds up some of the best ways to use it. Note that Firefox doesn't yet support:has() . You may want to hold off on using it until then, or use @supports selector() to check for support. A tip: use @supports selector(:has(+ *))
Level Up Your CSS Skills With The :has() Selector
It seems that :has() was a hot topic last week. Stephanie Eckles walks us through some more examples of how to use it.