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The Best Things I Heard This Week (week ending July 21, 2023)

A chestnut brown horse, dark brown bay colored horse, and white horse frolick in a meadow.

Photo by Annika Treial on Unsplash

Man Against Horse
An episode about how human butts evolved to be so big and … a race between men and horses? It's one of those delightfully weird episodes that Radiolab does well. This is an older episode that Radiolab re-released last week. I listened to it earlier this week.
Frances Haugen’s lessons as a Facebook whistleblower
Haugen is particularly thoughtful in this interview, in which she discusses how becoming a whistleblower upended her life.
This right wing conspiracy theory about eating bugs is about as racist as you think
People who think of themselves as civilized are using the practice of entomophagy and revulsion towards the practice as their latest dog whistling conspiracy theory. For what it's worth, I've consumed ant larvae in Mexico City. They're actually tasty.
Field Trip
I recommend this whole series from The Washington Post. Lillian Cunningham takes us to several national parks, gives us the history of how they came to be and how climate change is affecting them. Cunningham also tells us what park officials, engineers, and scientists are doing to preserve them as best they can.