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Tech layoffs have hit me too

A close up of pink-veined orchid petals.

Pink orchid bloom. Something something, symbolism! Photo by John Wiesenfeld on Unsplash

The last time I dealt with two major life changes at once, the layoff followed my dad's death. Nobody died this time.

The job was a bad fit from the beginning — bad enough that I didn't even update my LinkedIn profile. I truly wasn't sure how long I would stay, but decided that I would do it for the check.

My husband joked that I lasted longer than he thought I would.

I'm still thinking about what's next.

In the near term, I'll be catching up on my shows, relishing in bottom-tier celebrity drama, and making my way through Thomas Piketty's Capital in the Twenty-First Century.

Medium term: there's a pandemic-delayed 10th anniversary / 45th birthday trip to Paris, and a celebration of my uncle's 80th birthday later this spring.

Longer term? I have absolutely no clue. I'll probably return to some form of freelance work. I might experiment with content creation, or launch a product. Or maybe I'll pivot into something else entirely. I'm just grateful and relieved that we have the time and money to figure it out.