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Can microfarms reduce food insecurity?

Tomatoes growing on a vine.

Photo by Dani California on Unsplash

Food insecurity is a major problem in poor black and brown neighborhoods of Los Angeles County. Jamiah Hargins, founder of Crop Swap LA is attempting to address that problem by turning front lawns and empty lots into microfarms — what we used to call vegetable gardens and community gardens back in the day.

In this episode of LAist's How to LA podcast, host Brian De Los Santos talks to Hargins and other participants in Crop Swap LA. Crop Swap isn't just raising food, it also provides employment opportunities and training for people who live near one of its three farms.

I'd link to a transcript, but … I don't think there is one for this podcast. That's horrible form. I hope they begin publishing transcripts soon. There's even open source software that can help.