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Buy the third edition of CSS Master

Cover image for CSS Master, third edition
Cover image for CSS Master, third edition

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CSS Master Third Edition cover. Features a golden origami peacock on a light blue background.

I'm so pleased to announce that CSS Master is back with a third edition. CSS is growing and changing faster than ever, but I tried my best to bring you the latest and greatest changes.

What's in this edition?

  • An expanded layout chapter that includes CSS Shapes and a deeper dive into the mechanics of Flexbox and Grid layout.
  • An all new chapter about using CSS Scroll Snap to build slide shows and carousels that require a minimal amount of JavaScript.
  • An all new chapter on Visual Effects, including filters, masking, clipping, and blend modes

Plus I've updated all of the chapters from previous editions. Rachel Andrew once again served as the book's technical editor, and I think it's the finest edition yet.

As always, you can order the e-book directly from SitePoint. If you prefer a print copy, you can order it from Bookshop, Amazon, or your local bookseller.

Buy the e-book from SitePoint

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