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My 2015

My 2015 highlights as a listicle because I've had too much bourbon and I started this two hours before midnight and I am too lazy to write a better post.

  • Road tripping to Santa Cruz with my peoples.
  • Making chicken liver pâté for the first time.
  • Writing my second book. Thank you person who left a 5 star review on Amazon!). Pro-tip if you're thinking about writing a book: take the financial hit for a few months and get it out of the way or don't write a book that requires you to do a lot of research. Next time I will will pick one or the other.
  • Writing a chapter of that book while in London for my husband's birthday. London is dope and I want to move there, but I am pretty sure I can't afford to do that. Me with Big Ben
  • Jason's birthday meal at Nopi and afternoon tea at Sketch. The meals were divine, but to be honest, what I remember most are the bathrooms at both places. The women's bathroom at Nopi is a dizzying hall of mirrors — don't drink heavily before using it. At Sketch, the bathrooms are a weird surrealist scape of toilet stalls as bird eggs. Nopi's bathroom Sketch's bathroom. Photo by Jason Toney.
  • Working out with F. in London. Dead lifting 225 pounds for 5 reps? Yup. I did that.
  • Seeing turtles on Beverly Blvd
  • Our second meal ever at Trois Mec. Ludo Lefebvre and his staff are still making delicious, inventive, and beautiful food. Potatoes and shrimps and things at Trois Mec
  • The Cabeza at Broken Spanish. It tested my adventurous side. It's half a lamb's head on a plate with all of the head meats — brain, cheek, and tongue — attached.
    Cabeza at Broken Spanish. Cabeza is Spanish for "head," in case that wasn't obvious.
  • Ducks in our pool. Duck poop in the pool was a definite lowlight. No really. A duck in the pool.
  • Deepening a friendship over udon, Hello Kitty, and beer. 2016 must involve more CG.
  • Hiking in Griffith Park with A. and seeing the Hollywood sign up close. The Hollywood Sign
  • Being in the house when Kristi Toliver lost her f*cking mind and dropped 43 points against the Tulsa Shock.-
  • Watching my sister-in-law level up in her acting career. National commercial campaign and a network TV pilot? Big thangs.
  • Getting a year closer to 40 with a divine dinner at Republique.
  • Celebrating my grandma-in-law's 80th with a visit to Omaha, Nebraska. Should you ever find yourself in Omaha, eat at Market House. Drink at Wilson & Washburn.
  • Labor Day Weekend at the Line Hotel. I met Jarobi of A Tribe Called Quest. And ate his food. And met his wife who is a total sweetheart.
  • Dinner at Convivial. Yes, food is kind of my thing, and most of my favorite memories involve great meals.
  • Seeing Wonder at the Renwick Gallery, especially Jennifer Angus' In the Midnight Garden. Detail of "In the Midnight Garden"
  • Getting to kick it in one of my favorite cities for a few months.
  • Applying to work for the United States Digital Service and being hired. Best. Job. Ever. You should apply too.