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Use IDL attributes to test <input type=""> support
HTML5 input control types still have a ways to go before every type is supported in every browser. In the meantime, you may still find that you need to feature-test whether a particular type is supported. Do this by checking the value of the type IDL attribute. IDL attributes are defined by the HTML5 specification […] [23 Oct 2013]
Oh hey, I wrote a book. NBD.
I wrote a book called Jumpstart HTML5 Basics, published by SitePoint. It is what it sounds like: all about HTML5, but for a beginner (okay, maybe an intermediate developer) audience. I only have three things to say about it. Writing a book is hard, especially when you are juggling full-time work I tried to aim […] [15 Oct 2013]
Expected Identifier bug in Internet Explorer 8
While working on a client project, I ran into an error in Internet Explorer 8. That’s not the most helpful or descriptive error in the world, so I was a bit thrown for a loop. What’s more, a Google search didn’t turn up any clear answers. The code in question involved a JavaScript object resembling […] [10 Sep 2013]
Getting to know mutation observers
I wrote another article for Dev.Opera about the MutationObserver interface, which is actually quite a bit of fun to use. It was published last Thursday. MutationObserver is a replacement for mutation events, and essentially keep track of changes to the DOM tree: elements and attributes. As always, please read it, and leave questions or raise […] [9 Sep 2013]
A look at the Page Visibility API
You’re sitting in your office with your speakers un-muted. Maybe you’re making plans for dinner, and decide to check out the web site of that hot new restaurant in the North Trendy neighborhood. Of course, you’re not supposed to be making dinner plans while on the clock. So when Busybody McNosypants stops by your cube, […] [4 Feb 2013]
On Mobile Web Development, Part 2: Stop building WebKit-only sites
Following-up on my mobile web development post from last week, we have Daniel Glazou, co-chair of the CSS Working Group outlining the scope of the -webkit-prefix problem. Go read his post Call for Action: The Open Web Needs You *Now*. Or read some of what I’ve excerpted below. As in the past with IE6, it’s […] [9 Feb 2012]
Looping video in browsers that don’t yet support the loop attribute
To date, Firefox does not yet support the loop attribute of the <video> element. This snippet is a simple work-around. Once the video’s ended event is fired, it calls the play method. For more, consult the media events section of the HTML5 specification. [4 Oct 2011]
XHR2 + CORS Slides, some AppCache-fu, OpenWebCamp, and Opera News
For the June meeting of the HTML5 & CSS3 LA User Group, I spoke about XMLHttpRequest, Level 2 and Cross-Origin Resource Sharing headers. It’s always tough to present code. That goes double when you are sleep deprived, yet caffeinated and tongue-tied. In any case, the slides — which is really just one really long, really […] [30 Jun 2011]
Check me out: Modern debugging tips and tricks
Yesterday my first piece for A List Apart went live: Modern Debugging Tips and Tricks. It’s an overview of using the JavaScript console that’s now available in every modern browser, and doing remote debugging using Opera Dragonfly and JS Console. [8 Jun 2011]
On URL design
Namespaces can be a great way to build up a pragmatic URL structure that’s easy to remember with continued usage. What do I mean by a namespace? I mean a portion of a URL that dictates unique content. One of Kyle Neath’s tips from his post URL design. This. URLs make your site more usable, […] [6 Jan 2011]