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How typography makes you spend money
Puzzles, anchors, stars, and plowhorses; those are a few of the terms consultants now use when assembling a menu (which is as much an advertisement as anything else). “A star is a popular, high-profit item — in other words, an item for which customers are willing to pay a good deal more than it costs […] [7 Dec 2009]
“Real Design” versus “Web Design”
From Typography on the Web: Questions for Jeffrey Zeldman — Part 2 But for the first 15 years or so, there was a definite ghetto perception in many design quarters; designers who could code, and who were willing to work in a medium limited to five or six system fonts, were perceived to be working […] [18 Nov 2009]
@font-face and WOFF round up
Web fonts took a big step closer to reality last month with a few announcements regarding the Web Open Font Format or WOFF. A big hurdle to the implementation @font-face and font linking has been a two-fold issue of licensing: Not all fonts are licensed for embedding and linking on the web. Major browser developers […] [2 Nov 2009]
Links for 2009-09-01: PNG optimization, HTML 5 and web typography
ImageOptim Mac OS X: A fantastic GUI for optimizing PNG images. Drag images to the list and let ImageOptim work its magic. Open source. Baseline A typography-driven CSS grid framework. Includes styles for HTML forms and HTML 5 elements. Typedia Typedia is a resource to classify, categorize, and connect typefaces. Get Ready for HTML 5 […] [1 Sep 2009]