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Satire & Stereotypes: Baracka Flocka Flame
WARNING: The videos below contain a lot of profanity. It seems the Baracka Flocka Flames controversy has heated up since the October 26 publication of Prez N the Hood: A Hip-Hop Parody Stirs Up Issues in the New York Times (video below; article requires log-in). America’s foremost old cranky black man, Stanley Crouch, had nothing […] [31 Oct 2010]
On black representation in movies
It’s absurd to expect every piece of black art to reflect everyone’s black experience, but that’s exactly what many black artists are expected to do. This discourages black artists from taking the kind of risks that make what they’re creating worth consuming, because unless you want to draw someone’s ire for “making black people look […] [16 Dec 2009]
SxSW 2008: On Loren Feldman and Black Tech Bloggers
This year’s Black Tech Bloggers panel at South by Southwest was a response to the furor caused by Loren Feldman’s “Black Tech Blogger” An Internet Opera, broadcast last summer. I did not watch it then. I tend to get very pissed off and physically affected when folks make broad, offensive generalizations about me and mine […] [15 Mar 2008]