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On liking it hot
Photo by papalars. Found on Flickr The story of how chilies got their heat is pretty straightforward. A recent study suggested that capsaicin is an effective defense against a fungus that attacks chili seeds. In fact, experiments have shown that the same species of wild chili plant produces a lot of capsaicin in an environment […] [21 Sep 2010]
On being a chef during the holidays
It’s one part obligation to your family. One part obligation to your craft. A dash of showing off, and let’s be honest, one sprinkle of trying to keep your various relatives from fucking up dinner. Richard Blais of Flip Burger Boutique and Top Chef fame in his blog post Knife’s Edge: Family meal. [22 Dec 2009]
How typography makes you spend money
Puzzles, anchors, stars, and plowhorses; those are a few of the terms consultants now use when assembling a menu (which is as much an advertisement as anything else). “A star is a popular, high-profit item — in other words, an item for which customers are willing to pay a good deal more than it costs […] [7 Dec 2009]
Genetically modified eggplant, hunger and India
Two kinds of eggplant, neither genetically modified. Photo by istorija In India, where food production depends on the vagaries of the weather, GM foods are a hot button for not just debate over bio-safety but also the power of multinationals to influence food choices. The GM eggplant strain has been developed by American agrichemical giant […] [30 Nov 2009]