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On merit beyond the SAT and ACT
Kaleidoscope has proved most helpful, Sternberg said, in helping admissions officers choose among the upper middle group of applicants. He noted that the mean SAT scores of the incoming freshman class at Tufts have improved every year since Kaleidoscope was introduced, and so has student body diversity. In the first year of its implementation, for […] [19 Sep 2010]
On America and Immigrants
The reality is that America has a long history of welcoming immigrants who will never be able to check that white box on the census, and unfortunately that means America also has a long history of discrimination against those people regardless of their status in the country. So says Christian Lander, white Canadian American and […] [30 Apr 2010]
Share and share alike: On income inequality
The differences in the performance of more and less equal countries are very large. Rather than things being just a bit worse in more unequal countries, they are very much worse. More unequal countries have three times the rates of violence, of infant mortality and of mental illness. Their teenage birth rates are six times […] [1 Mar 2010]
On Facebook, MySpace and being ghetto
On the one hand, the ghetto is a part of a city historically defined by race and class. On the other hand, being ghetto refers to a set of tastes that emerged as poor people of color developed fashion and cultural artifacts that proudly expressed their identity. Just as physical spaces and tastes are organized […] [29 Dec 2009]
On black folks and the movie “Precious”
From the Los Angeles Times piece Black viewers are divided on film’s ‘Precious’-ness by Erin Aubry Kaplan. Verdicts about high-pitched movies from black viewers and public figures are usually swift and decisive — “Do the Right Thing,” “The Color Purple,” and the recent Robert Downey Jr. performance in “Tropic Thunder” come to mind. But that’s […] [30 Nov 2009]
On a decade of living in the South
The northeast will always be home to me. That’s where I grew up. But the South is Grandmama House.1 Me in an old conversation with JT. Why yes, I did just quote myself in a blog post. As a kid, Down South was the land of Kountry Folk, people like loud-ass, country-ass, twangy-talking Tina and […] [14 Nov 2009]
Recommended: “Does the Silicon Valley Economy Drive a Luxury Bus?”
Cyndy Aleo-Carreira’s post on Silicon Valley’s wealth disparities is a reminder to all of us relatively privileged geeks that we are not necessarily our audience. When people complain about a Web 2.0 app or service, the response is often “build it yourself.” The problem is that most of us in the world can’t afford to […] [18 Jun 2008]