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Tuesday Ten-fer: Twitter in Iran, software finds, secrecy and security and geolocation
State Department Asks Twitter to Stay Up (and Other Notes on Digital Diplomacy) Iranians are using Twitter and Friendfeed to post news and photos of post-election protests. I wonder if a distributed Ushahidi set-up would also come in handy here. How To Communicate Securely in Repressive Environments Tactics and techniques for maintaining your physical safety […] [16 Jun 2009]
Dear Black Entrepreneurs (especially the ones behind Blackbird):
I know you mean well. You want to create tools and communities that empower those left out of the digital divide. You want to be a voice, perhaps even the voice uniting our people. But really: a web browser for the African American community? I think niche browsers are a bad idea to start with. […] [8 Dec 2008]
Notes on Google Chrome
Update 2: Google explains its Windows-only release of Chrome in Platforms and Priorities When it comes to Mac and Linux versions, this means that our goal is not to just “port” a Windows application to these other platforms–rather, our goal is to deliver Chromium’s innovative, Google-style user interface without rough edges on any of them. […] [2 Sep 2008]
The Pencil Project, Prism and the browser as platform
The Pencil Project extension brings the power of prototyping and simple GUI development to Firefox 3. It takes advantage of Firefox’s Gecko rendering engine for an easy-to-use application for making layouts. You can import bitmap images, add rich text or plain text, and when you’re done, export your drawing as a PNG file. One downside: […] [24 Jul 2008]