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WordPress: Adding custom galleries to your theme
WordPress has a gallery feature that allows you to include a set of images with your posts. The syntax is simple, using what’s known as a shortcode. WordPress has an entire API devoted to shortcodes. In WordPress 3.5, it’s possible to add a gallery using the gallery short code, and a comma-separated list of image […] [3 Feb 2013]
WordPress Mobile Pack and Opera Mobile
WordPress Mobile Pack in Opera Mobile (top) versus WebKit-based mobile phones (bottom) There’s a minor incomaptibility between WordPress Mobile Pack and Opera Mobile. Opera Mobile is served a slightly pared-down version of the site (top), without gradients or a toggle-able comments section. WebKit-based browsers do. If you’d like to support Opera Mobile or Opera Mini […] [13 Aug 2012]
Recommended viewing: How NOT to Build a WordPress Plugin
An amazing video from WordCamp Portland 2009 with tips on how to build a better WordPress plug-in. Lots of nuggets about functions and constants that aren’t covered in the codex. [1 Oct 2009]
WordPress 2.5 released; This blog was upgraded
WordPress 2.5 was officially released today. I have upgraded my blog accordingly. So far, I have not noticed any issues from a site visitor’s perspective. But I’m seeing at least one bug with the comments tab of the administrative panel. I’m not sure whether this is an issue with WP 2.5 or whether I broke […] [29 Mar 2008]
Recommended reading: When accessibility is not your problem
Accessibility expert Joe Clark writes about specific instances when web authors should not worry about web accessibility. The philosophy that Clark is asking us to adopt is a simple one. From this article: It’s not even that new, but what certainly is new is the fact that I’m calling for everyone to take a pledge […] [1 Jul 2007]
5 über-cool, über-useful WordPress plugins offers a list of 7 plugins to install immediately after WordPress Part of the joy of WordPress is the extensive number of plugins that offer added functionality and make blog management easier. Here are five of my favorites. WP-Cache UPDATE: Try WP Super Cache which turns your WordPress entries into actual HTML pages so […] [26 Jun 2007]
Project rundown: Museum of Design – Atlanta
FletcherMartin just launched a new web site for the Museum of Design – Atlanta (MODA). I did all of the front-end web development except for the store (design by Brad Sarmiento). I installed and configured WordPress to manage the Exhibits and News sections of the web site. I also managed the transition between our development […] [11 Jun 2007]
WordPress 2.2 released
Read all about it. [15 May 2007]
WordPress 2.1.1 contains crack; Upgrade to 2.1.2
Read all about it [6 Mar 2007]
We Are the Web and WordPress quirk with object and embed
Via from We Are the Web: Just plain goofy. (But er, folks, can we get this without the autoplay?) A WordPress quirk with object and embed I was about to start ranting and raving about WordPress and how it strips out object and embed and dammit, just how do they expect me to publish […] [3 Aug 2006]