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On art criticism and “Work of Art”
The show appealed to my belief that art only got better once the boundaries between high and low culture were relaxed, most famously by Andy Warhol, then by countless others. It also satisfied my hunger to try new things; my demons that demand I dance naked in public; and my desire to see if art […] [18 Sep 2010]
Gender and the Arab world
One of the most rewarding aspect of researching and writing the book was my growing realization of the central role of gender in social and political life, in the Arab world and elsewhere. Reality television animated the discussion of gender by featuring unmarried young men and women dancing, singing, eating, and (in some shows) living […] [12 May 2010]
Overview: Miro 1.0
I missed this because I was on vacation, but on November 13, the folks over at the Participatory Culture Foundation released the 1.0 version of Miro. Miro, formerly known as Democracy Player, likes to compare itself to the on-demand video service Joost. The two are quite different, however. Joost is very much on-demand television over […] [26 Nov 2007]
On Bill O’Reilly
Re: Bill O’Reilly’s dinner with Al Sharpton: O’Reilly surprised “there was no difference” between Harlem restaurant and other New York restaurants. [24 Sep 2007]
Joost invites
I have invites to the It App of the moment: Joost. It’s TV on demand, over the Internet (a combination of P2P and HTTP), with the requisite social networking features, such as chat / instant messaging. You do have to download an application (available for both Windows and Mac OS X). If you’re not packing […] [2 May 2007]
Eff up. Enter rehab. Make everything okay.
I swear that rehab / treatment is the celebrity way of paying restitution for acting like a jackass. Think about it: Mel Gibson, Lindsay Lohan and now Isaiah Washington. The Grey’s Anatomy star has entered a treatment program in an attempt to make amends for the gay slur that rocked the Golden Globes, sources confirm […] [24 Jan 2007]