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On aging and hip-hop
I’m a rapper, and I just have to be honest, once you get to a certain point — I’m a fan of hardcore rap. Sometimes I like stupid gangsta rap, and I know at a certain age it doesn’t match. I want the raw rap. At a certain age your life changes, at that point […] [5 Mar 2012]
On metaphorical dick grabbing and Jay Electronica
But this isn’t about sex positivity. Look at the terms of the bet. How can any three men ever determine what “all women” like? At the moment that this becomes about generalizing female sexual practices under one banner, it no longer becomes about women, but about men’s idea and projection of who they would like […] [7 Dec 2010]
But, I’m Going Back to Cali: A play list
Also see Forever I Love Atlanta: A play list Note: I would have included the Eagles’ version as well had they not tracked down and disabled the audio on like every YouTube clip of it ever. Except this one apparently. Give it time. [3 Dec 2010]
Satire & Stereotypes: Baracka Flocka Flame
WARNING: The videos below contain a lot of profanity. It seems the Baracka Flocka Flames controversy has heated up since the October 26 publication of Prez N the Hood: A Hip-Hop Parody Stirs Up Issues in the New York Times (video below; article requires log-in). America’s foremost old cranky black man, Stanley Crouch, had nothing […] [31 Oct 2010]
On rocking the mic
And so, in the revised entry for rock included in the O.E.D.’s June 2010 update, Melle Mel trumps Big Bank Hank as the earliest known M.C. to “rock the mic.” Though fresh evidence could always push the usage back even further, there’s a certain justice to setting the record straight, more than three decades after […] [11 Jul 2010]
Qusai’s “The Job”: A sample of Saudi hip-hop
Lyrics are in English and Arabic. His English verse is kind of wack, but interesting for its look at contemporary Saudi culture and economy. I can’t judge his Arabic verse, because I’m monolingual like that. But that beat? Lovin’ it. Learn more about Qusai on his MySpace page. [Via Saudi Jeans.] [4 Feb 2010]
On black men loving black women
I love black women always Disrespect ain’t the way Let’s start our family today Hip-hop hooray! — Treach from Naughty By Nature’s “Hip-Hop Hooray.” Naughty By Nature is performing at Atlanta’s Luckie Lounge tonight. V-103 played this song this morning. Aside: We sure wore some ugly sh*t in the 1990s. [11 Dec 2009]
On digging in the crates
My folks don’t have actual crates, but they do have a pretty dope collection of 1970s vinyl albums. I got into a couple of Parliament albums my dad owned. And I just about wore out my dad’s copy of James Brown’s “Hot Pants.” Beyond that, however, I never appreciated these records growing up. As an […] [29 Nov 2009]
Jay Smooth on Ashley Dupri and the Music Biz
Original post [17 Mar 2008]
Before you say anything about “Stop Snitching”
Ask yourself: Didn’t you hate tattletales as a little kid? Don’t criminals of every color adhere to a stop snitching ethos? So how is this a black thing? If snitching could get you and/or your family members KILLED, would you do it? Unless you can say with whole-hearted honesty that you would die to help […] [28 Apr 2007]