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Satire & Stereotypes: Baracka Flocka Flame
WARNING: The videos below contain a lot of profanity. It seems the Baracka Flocka Flames controversy has heated up since the October 26 publication of Prez N the Hood: A Hip-Hop Parody Stirs Up Issues in the New York Times (video below; article requires log-in). America’s foremost old cranky black man, Stanley Crouch, had nothing […] [31 Oct 2010]
On models and attractiveness
Obviously we went through a period where models reflected the Twiggy phenomenon, but that didn’t have much to do with what actually was attractive to the opposite sex. Hugh Hefner just gave me the giggles with this quote from an interview with Deborah Solomon in the New York Times. In it, Solomon asserts that the […] [11 Jul 2010]
On being fat and likability
Still, participants didn’t merely exhibit a preference for thin figures and indifference to obese ones — they showed active dislike toward these theoretically obese. That finding, while regrettable, is enlightening. From A Fatter Phobia at Miller-McCune. It’s not clear from the Miller-McCune piece whether or how this varies by race and gender. For example, previous […] [9 Feb 2010]