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On charity and privilege
5- The White Savior Industrial Complex is not about justice. It is about having a big emotional experience that validates privilege. — Teju Cole (@tejucole) March 8, 2012 This is something I wrestle with when I do things like volunteer with St. Bernard Project and the like. Be cognizant that you are: not eliminating jobs […] [8 Mar 2012]
On being pro-American
Surely one doesn’t have to believe in the infallibility of white people to be pro-American. Besides, if teaching U.S. history means protecting the reputation of the majority by telling the story strictly from their perspective, wouldn’t that be a type of ethnic studies? That’s Gregory Rodriguez, in his essay Why Arizona Banned Ethnic Studies, published […] [20 Feb 2012]
On Segregation
The Hispanic population grew in almost every corner of the United States over the past decade, roughly equally in predominantly black and predominantly white neighborhoods. The typical African-American resides in a neighborhood that is 14 percent Hispanic, only slightly higher than the figure for the population as a whole. … Instead, the dominant trend in […] [31 Jan 2012]
On workers and people
FastCompany points to a study by the UK’s New Economics Foundation that proposes a 21-hour work week. The report reflects the organization’s British roots, but what if here in the U.S. we shifted to a shorter, perhaps a 24 hour, full-time work week? Last fall, media critic and writer Douglas Rushkoff asked Are jobs obsolete?. […] [12 Jan 2012]
See? Socialism isn’t so bad
Whereas most entrepreneurs in Dalmo’s position develop a retching distaste for paying taxes, Dalmo doesn’t mind them much. “The tax system is good—it’s fair,” he tells me. “What we’re doing when we are paying taxes is buying a product. So the question isn’t how you pay for the product; it’s the quality of the product.” […] [5 Aug 2011]
On “justice” and the Scott Sisters
The prison terms were suspended — not commuted — on the condition that Gladys donate a kidney to Jamie, who is seriously ill with diabetes and high blood pressure and receives dialysis at least three times a week. Gladys had long expressed a desire to donate a kidney to her sister, but to make that […] [2 Jan 2011]
On free markets
So as far as markets are concerned I’m a libertarian, but I have enough expertise in politics and history to understand that a free market ends up as monopoly unless you force them to be free. One of a few quotes that jumped out at me in Andy Greenberg’s Forbes (long-ish) interview with WikiLeaks’ Julian […] [1 Dec 2010]
On abortion, choice, men, women, husbands and wives
But when it comes to abortion I am the one that wears the pants in the decision because in the end it would be me going through the procedure. Even though my husband’s opinion and beliefs matter to me, I, as the one carrying the baby have the final say about my body and our […] [25 Nov 2010]
Bankers sold oregano as weed
They don’t care that these mortgages wouldn’t have been available in the first place if the banks hadn’t found a way to sell oregano as weed to pension funds and insurance companies. Matt Taibbi just made me snort laugh. I know someone who actually did cut his weed inventory with oregano to boost profits. The […] [13 Nov 2010]
We Are Banana Republic
All my life I’ve heard Latin America described as a failed society (or collection of failed societies) because of its grotesque maldistribution of wealth. Peasants in rags beg for food outside the high walls of opulent villas, and so on. But according to the Central Intelligence Agency (whose patriotism I hesitate to question), income distribution […] [7 Nov 2010]