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setInterval in PHP
JavaScript has a native method for executing a function periodically: setInterval. But in PHP, it’s a little bit harder. PHP lacks a setInterval equivalent. The closest we can get are the sleep(), usleep(), and time_nanosleep() functions. These functions delay script execution by a certain period of time (either seconds, microseconds, or a combination or seconds […] [25 Oct 2011]
Quick PHP Tip: Uploading multiple files in HTML5
One of the neat things about HTML5 is that it allows for multiple file uploads in one file upload field. Of course, you have to have a browser that supports such a feature. Currently Opera 11.10 does. So do Firefox 4, the latest version of Chrome, and Safari 5.0.4. (Internet Explorer 9 does not.) Now […] [29 Mar 2011]
CodeIgniter’s “Disallowed Key Characters” error revisited
Two years ago, I posted about CodeIgniter‘s “Disallowed Key Characters” error message, and one possible cause. Recently, I stumbled across another cause: disallowed characters in a POST array. In my case, I had single-quotes as part of the variable name. My fingers mixed up PHP array syntax and HTML form syntax. <!– will cause the […] [21 Jul 2010]
Quick tips for working with Amazon S3 and PHP
Try Donovan Schonknecht’s Amazon S3 PHP Class because it supports large uploads and doesn’t require PEAR. Set your Content-Disposition request header to ‘inline’ if you want files to display in your browser rather than forcing a download Use S3::inputFile() when copying data from a source file — when uploading, for example. You don’t need to […] [12 Apr 2010]
PHP in Arabic: An interview with Khaled Al-Shamaa
PHP Classes interviews Khaled Al-Shamaa about his AR-PHP project, a series of PHP classes designed to handle Arabic-language web applications. Because Arabic uses a non-Latin character set, it presents a new set of challenges. PC: Developing Web applications in Arabic requires special care. What are the most important concerns and what components do you provide […] [18 Nov 2009]
[PHP quickie] Select a certain number of words from a string
An alternative to subst() that selects entire words rather than a specified number of characters. I used this on a recent project where I needed to create a meta tag description from text and HTML stored in a database. Uses PHP’s native str_word_count() function. function select_number_of_words($input,$number_of_words){ $output = ”; $input = strip_tags($input); $input = str_word_count($input,1); […] [26 Mar 2009]
PHP: Sorting arrays randomly with array_randsort()
Or, you know, just use the shuffle() function. Kim points out the drawbacks of shuffle in the comments below. A custom PHP function. This function will return an array that’s been resorted in a random order. Supports both numerically-indexed and associative arrays. Uses PHP’s native array_rand() function. function array_randsort($array,$preserve_keys=false){ /*————————————-/ Preserving the keys works best […] [11 Mar 2009]
Collecting e-commerce conversion data with Zen Cart and Google Analytics
Google Analytics allows you to collect pretty robust data about how users move through your e-commerce site. Here’s how to make it work with Zen Cart, an open source shopping cart. For this tutorial, you will need: A Zen Cart-based shopping cart A Google Analytics account and the tracking code for both conversions and page […] [19 Feb 2009]
Simple pagination for arrays with PHP 5
While working on a recent project, I had to build a feature that displayed a list of files available in a directory. A simple way is just to use scandir() and a foreach loop to spit out a pretty list. There’s a small problem though: long lists aren’t all that user friendly. I decided instead […] [14 Dec 2008]
Atlanta, GA: php|works and PyWorks
Marco Tabini & Associates, publishers of PHP Architect and Python Magazine are bringing their php|works conference back to Atlanta this fall, November 12th through 14th, 2008. This year, though, the conference has an added bonus: PyWorks, a conference devoted to Python. Registering for one conference allows you to attend both. Both conferences have an open […] [18 Jul 2008]