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Branding & marketing: American Express launches
American Express is a brand associated with prestige, luxury, and wealth (or at least money :-)). According to the company, their cardholders are big time travelers compared to those who don’t have AmEx cards. It makes sense, then, that they would launch an upscale community travel site that’s exclusively available to American Express cardholders, right? […] [27 Nov 2007]
Recommended: “The Big Juicy Twitter Guide”
If you’re a Twitter-phile like myself, you don’t need to be convinced of the service’s value. But just in case you need to convince someone else, Caroline Middlebrook’s series The Big Juicy Twitter Guide is an excellent resource. In it, Middlebrook covers everything you would need to know before getting started with Twitter: etiquette, branding, […] [6 Nov 2007]
Recommended: Social Networks Aren’t Products
From Vitamin: It’s the cold hard truth, and a reminder of how difficult it is to launch such a site: Social Networks Aren’t Products. Nobody gives a damn how good the cupcakes are; if scarcely anybody shows up, your party is a failure. Equally, nobody goes to MySpace or Match for the cupcakes — or, […] [4 Sep 2007] and the new
If you’re in the advertising industry, you and your company are probably feeling the pinch of a changing advertising landscape. Fletcher Martin — the folks who sign my paychecks — believes that our industry is broken. We made a web site about it. Like to see it? Here it goes. We also launched a new […] [20 Apr 2007]
Microsoft Outlook 2007: What you need to know when developing e-mail newsletters
Microsoft chucked a wobbly into HTML email development with the release of Outlook 2007. Where previous versions of the e-mail client used the Internet Explorer rendering engine, the 2007 version has adopted the rendering engine of Microsoft Word. In other words, the level of CSS and HTML support that Internet Explorer 6 provided for Outlook […] [15 Jan 2007]
Link dump: Sept 7, 2006 – Using CSS and HTML in email
A round up of posts and articles about using CSS with HTML in email, with varying degrees of crustiness. How to Code HTML Email Newsletters – Lots of good bits at the bottom Designing, Coding & Delivering HTML Email [PDF] – from the MailChimp folks who are personal acquaintances of mine. Optimizing CSS presentation in […] [7 Sep 2006]
Link dump: Aug. 23, 2006
Details on our CSS changes for IE7 A rundown of what’s been fixed and what still behaves as always under IE7. It bills itself as “The European City Community Network of Venues, Events and People.” It’s social networking meets travel across European cities. Via Emily Chang (she always has the hot internet shit). Google […] [23 Aug 2006]
“Treat yourself to something real.”
An ad for Bruster’s ice cream. Plus Snickers’ Instant Def campaign featuring the Black Eyed Peas. With a Cellphone as My Guide from the Sunday New York Times [4 Jul 2006]
Cristal vs. Hip-hop: Racism or anti-trash snobbery?
Remember the moment Cross Colors died at your high school? Jay-Z has sworn off Cristal after the Champagne maker’s managing director, Frédéric Rouzaud, said he’s not all that happy with rappers associating themselves with his brand. Jay-Z called the statements racist. But somehow I doubt Cristal would have a problem with Oprah, Kenneth Chenault, Wynton […] [16 Jun 2006]
AIMA Notes: New Media Trends — What’s Hot Now?
Session focused heavily on mobile communications and blogs/vlogs/podcasts, although Mitch Spolan of Yahoo! talked a bit about avatar and widget marketing/advertising (no doubt because of Yahoo‘s product offerings). Central themes: Don’t be afraid let the community play with your brand. Can lead to greater interest in your brand, and a deeper relationship with your business. […] [27 Apr 2006]