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Why I deleted my LinkedIn Account
Back in November, I pulled the plug on my LinkedIn account after several months of considering it. Why? In a word: value. LinkedIn has lost all of its value for me. What? How? I mean it’s the first place recruiters and HR people go to find and learn about candidates, right? Well yes. And that’s […] [10 Feb 2014]
SitePoint HTML5 Experts chat transcript
Being called an expert still makes me O.o. Frankly, I don’t think I’ll ever be comfortable with the label, even though I’ve been doing this for awhile, and kind of know what I’m doing. That said, when SitePoint invited me to do an HTML5 experts chat last week, I said “Hey, why not?” and agreed. […] [9 Sep 2013]
Dragon slayed, but I still don’t love math
In February, I signed up for the last available section of an elementary algebra class at Pierce College. My grand plan was to finally conquer my math demons and maybe even go back to school for a computer science degree. Welp: tonight was my final exam and I basically bit it like a doored cyclist. […] [3 Jun 2013]
How every conversation about race ever on the internet goes
Someone makes a comment or corny “joke” that is kinda racist and kinda classist, but mostly harmless.1 Someone else — sometimes in the group targeted, sometimes not — says “Hey THAT’S RACIST!” Someone else, usually not in the target group (read: “someone not black / Latino / Asian American / Native American, because those are […] [25 Feb 2013]
Supporting and detecting @supports
Opera recently added support for the @supports feature of the CSS Conditional Rules Module. Using @supports offers a native way to feature-test support for CSS properties and values. @supports (display: flex){ /* Include flexible box styling here */ } You can also test for negation, and provide rules for cases when a feature is not […] [4 Dec 2012]
Document fragments are magic
During a recent conversation about some code I’ve released, the other party asked me why I didn’t use a document fragment. I think my reaction was more or less “What, well, um, I don’t know, so I’m just going to bullshit and pretend I know what you’re talking about or something.” I’m not one to […] [30 Nov 2012]
XHR2 + CORS Slides, some AppCache-fu, OpenWebCamp, and Opera News
For the June meeting of the HTML5 & CSS3 LA User Group, I spoke about XMLHttpRequest, Level 2 and Cross-Origin Resource Sharing headers. It’s always tough to present code. That goes double when you are sleep deprived, yet caffeinated and tongue-tied. In any case, the slides — which is really just one really long, really […] [30 Jun 2011]
Co-Working in (and near) Los Angeles
A running list that I will update as I learn about new spaces. BlankSpaces (Mid-Wilshire) Boxaplex (WeHo) Coloft (Santa Monica) Indie Desk Klever Dog Next Space (Culver City) Office & Company (Pasadena) [17 May 2011]
Slides from BarCampLA
I did two ~15-minute talks at BarCampLA8: one on HTML5 Forms, and one impromptu, sorta half-a**ed talk on Opera Mini. I took some time to update and correct the Opera Mini slides based on some notes I had, but couldn’t get to (no WiFi at this year’s camp ) and questions I received during the […] [2 May 2011]
On the rape of men
“The way I make sense of that is that women, for better or worse, live their lives with this idea that they might experience sexual assault at some point. There are public models of how to recover from rape. Men don’t have any expectation that this might happen to them. It’s very difficult to figure […] [8 Apr 2011]