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Resound 11: 12 in 12

I’ve reached that point in this month of meme-and-prompt-inspired blogging where I just don’t care anymore. It happened last year with Reverb 10. I even swore to myself that I wouldn’t take part in Reverb or Resound again this year. And yet here I am, less than half way through the month cursing myself for jumping in only to half ass it.

Still, the twelfth prompt is a good one:

Take today to talk about 12 things you would like to accomplish in 2012. These 12 things can be 12 resolutions, 12 changes in your life, 12 wines you’d like to drink, 12 cities you’d like to visit, or 12 monthly goals. The decision is yours. Good luck and have fun!

So here’s my list of 12 Things I Want to Accomplish in 2012.

  1. Get up to speed on the Web Sockets API.
  2. Get my feet wet with Node.js.
  3. Take a class in kitchen knife work. Done. Thanks Sur La Table!
  4. Go on an overnight, possibly a weekend-long meditation retreat.
  5. Set foot on the continents of Australia or South America.
  6. Host at least one cocktail party at Casa de Brown-Toney, complete with a bartender to handle the minibar situation. Improve my home office situation. Technically, I have done this, though my home office situation isn’t precisely where I want it to be. So it’s half-done.
  7. Publish two articles in web development magazines. Considering this done, since I’ve published on and this year.
  8. Buy a bicycle. Maybe two.
  9. Take drawing classes. Done. By the way, LACMA offers art classes for adults.
  10. Speak at MinneWebCon. (Please make it happen selection committee!) Done.
  11. Make my annual May pilgrimage to New Orleans to celebrate Derrick‘s grad school graduation, and volunteer with the St. Bernard Project. On track to complete this in a few days :-).
  12. End 2012 debt-free.

3 Responses to “Resound 11: 12 in 12”

  1. Erica M says:

    I’m all about #10.

  2. Patricia Elizabeth says:

    :-) You’re 11 head of me. I only managed to write something for the first day’s prompt. And have been feeling guilty ever since. I was thinking that I may at the very least *think* about the prompts while I’m on vacation. There are a few that I feel definitely warrant at least a minute or two of thought.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’ve submitted two talks. We’ll see if either gets accepted :-D