Tiffany B. Brown

HTML5 Forms: A correction and revised slides

Cross-posted to my Opera blog

A little over a week ago, I gave a talk to the Los Angeles HTML5 User Group about forms in HTML. I said something that was incorrect in the talk, and had a faulty example in the slides (that’s what happens when you pull it together in a day!).

First the correction: I had a faulty slide in my talk, so it looked like a semicolon or space were allowable delimiters for <input type="email" mutiple>. That’s not the case. Only the comma is an acceptable separator.

And the clarification: I added a feature check to the fall back demo so that it better demonstrates how to check whether the browser in question fully supports HTML5 form error checking.

Those revisions are in the slides now (a second revision). You can view them or download a ZIP file of the slides and demos.

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