Tiffany B. Brown

On the promise of HTML5

The most important aspect of HTML5 isn’t the new stuff like video and canvas (which Safari and Firefox have both been shipping for years) it’s actually the honest-to-god promise of interoperability. Even stodgy old Microsoft, who has been doing their best to hold back the web for nearly a decade, understands this and you’ll see it throughout their marketing for IE9. … The idea that the same markup, even with mistakes, will be rendered exactly the same. HTML5 represents the chance for browsers to work together and find common ground.

That’s Christopher Blizzard, the Director of Developer Relations and Open Source Evangelist at Mozilla in his June post, intellectual honesty and html5.

He’s referring to Apple’s HTML5 demo. It seems somewhere along the way, HTML5 went from specification to consumer marketing buzzword, and now everyone is confused about what HTML5 is and isn’t, and which browsers support it and don’t.

Thumbs down Apple. Thumbs down.

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