Tiffany B. Brown

A ‘privacy bait and switch’

The complaint has over 150 numbered paragraphs, runs 38 pages, and includes a lot of legalese. But the basic claim is simple: Facebook pulled a “privacy bait and switch.” They told users to sign up and provide personal information under one set of privacy policies, and then they changed the policies. It’s like if someone offered you a new car, took your money, and then delivered a used car. We need the FTC to act in such situations to protect consumers and ensure fairness. Otherwise, markets spiral out of control.

So says Marc Rotenberg of the Electronic Privacy Information Center in a Q&A with Nisha Chittal. Check out The Case for Staying With Facebook.

Another way of looking at it from Anil Dash: I’m really enjoying seeing the public dialogue reimagine Facebook as the world’s most elaborate phishing scam. #phishbook

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