Tiffany B. Brown

danah boyd on limited attention and information streams

boyd posted notes from her Web2.0 talk, “Streams of Content, Limited Attention: The Flow of Information through Social Media

As networked technologies proliferate around the world, we can assume that there is a channel of distribution available to everyone and between everyone. In theory, anyone could get content to anyone else. With the barriers to distribution collapsing, what matters is not the act of distribution, but the act of consumption. Thus, the power is no longer in the hands of those who control the channels of distribution, but those who control the limited resource of attention. This is precisely why YOU were the Person of the Year. Your attention is precious and valuable. It’s no longer about push; it’s about pull. And the law of two feet is now culturally pervasive.

Yeah, we know that and live that, right? But danah explains why and how this current Web2.0 wave is different from the early adopter wave/

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