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Big Boston Warmup: Interactive Infographics done well

Via @gsetser: The Big Boston Warm Up, an infographic presentation whose goal is to get you to donate a coat and help keep homeless people and families a little warmer this winter.

big boston warm up screen shot

another big boston warm up screen shot

The experience begins on the home page with a series of graphics that show the circumstances of Boston’s homeless. It’s a broad demographic profile, which is far less effective, in my opinion, than homeless people in their own words. But I can understand the logistical and ethical concerns of featuring videos of homeless people.

In addition to data about Boston’s homeless, the site includes donation locations both in Boston and nationwide. To further spur you to donate, Land’s End (the company behind this coat drive) points out that coats go to local homeless people. If you donate a coat in Alabama, it goes to a person in Alabama.

But I think the best piece — the part that lets you really feel like you and your donation have made a difference is the “Find Your Coat” feature.

big boston warmup: find your coat

Yup! Donate a coat, get a number and find out where your coat has gone. I don’t have a code, so I can’t tell you what it looks like on the other side. But I am curious to find out. It’s this tangible tie-in — one that piques curiosity and interest if you haven’t donated, and rewards you with warm fuzzies if you have — that makes this campaign (potentially) very effective.

Site by: Firstborn.

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