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Links for 2009-06-23: Six Apart’s Melody, T-Mobile’s next Android phone, RDFa and sex work

Introduction to RDFa
An attribute framework for including metadata in HTML tags
Open Melody
Six Apart announces a developer release of Melody, an open source content management system for bloggers and publishers where its community of users and contributors is its most important feature.
USB Thumb Drives and Your Open Source App Arsenal
Ideas for getting more out of your thumbdrive.
T-Mobile Announces MyTouch 3G, Second Android Phone
So — less than three weeks after I finally broke down and bought a G1 (because my N80 was dying), I find out about the MyTouch 3G. You can pre-order it starting July 8th. (I may buy a new one and give / sell my G1 at a discount) [Via OStaticJK On the run] … an aside, my cousins’ G1s are how they access the internet. One uses her phone instead of a computer. Another uses his at work because his job blocks access to some sites.
Going down in the downturn
Middle-class women are turning to sex work. Clark-Flory suggests that this is partly because middle-class advantages, like a solid college education and professional work experience, don’t offer the same level of protection that they once did, and the Internet’s tendency to democratize everything. I’ll add that it’s also because sex work can be lucrative, offers flexibility in schedule, and can be done in private. Everyone sees you at McDonald’s. They don’t have to see you doing sex work. [Via Jezebel]

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