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Links for 2007-01-24: The NQSFW edition / The sex post

Part of me has been tinkering with the idea of writing about sex on this blog. Sex permeates our our political and cultural spheres, and is loaded with race and gender implications. It’s something we all do — sometimes alone, sometimes not. And as far as I’m concerned, sex is a natural part of life, not some dirty, icky thing to be ashamed of.

Oh hell, I’m lying. Sex still carries a big honkin’ blush factor for me. There’s also the privacy issue: our friends, family and colleagues don’t need to know (and may not want to know) what Sweetie and I do or don’t do behind closed doors. Plus I’d probably need to find a new web host.

Add the fact hat I use this blog for career purposes and my parents are known to show it off to their friends, weeeeell, let me just say writing about sex here under my real name is just (erm, probably) not going to happen. But a pseudonymous blog elsewhere with a P.O. Box for a registration address? Hmmmm …

In the meantime, I’ll post (relatively tame) links to what other people are saying about sex. Behold! It’s the NQSFW link round-up … with varying degrees of crustiness age.

Homemade Sex Toys
Turn fruit, electronic equipment and computer hardware into vibrating sex toys. [Via Nerve]
How We Have Sex Now
The results of Esquire’s sex survey, available in the February issue. [Via Nerve]
Is Dakota Fanning in Kiddie Porn?
Where the line between kiddie porn and art gets drawn.
No Sex, Please; We’re Sony
Or why HD-DVD will beat beat Blu-Ray like VHS did to Betamax and leave Sony looking stupid once more.
How to Seduce a Mac Geek: A Macworld Sex Guide
More tongue-in-cheek than serious, Violet Blue does offer one good tip: arrange a post-conference hook-up with Bonjour. Sort of related: Saudi Youth Use Cellphone Savvy To Outwit the Sentries of Romance from last summer’s Washington Post.
The Dildo Song
An oldie, but a goodie: Three minutes of hilarity singing about sex toys. Even my mama laughed.

Related: Atlanta, GA: Sex Workers’ Art Show 2007

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