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Links for January 17 and 18, 2007

I’ll be adding more links this post throughout the day (erm … that day would be January 18, 2007).

Some Bling for Your Blog
Widgets — web-based ones, at least — go mainstream.
MySpace Sued In Sexual Assaults On Five Girls
Wondering if the girls involved can sue their parents for endangering a minor because they paid for internet access and failed to set up any sort of proxy or other site-blocking mechanism.
HTML Standards Process Returning from the Grave
What Apple wants from the group. Related: Comments on the HTML WG Charter and You, me and the W3C (aka Reinventing HTML)
Telecommute. Kill a career?
A survey finds that most companies place a high priority on seat time. According to the report, though, the vast majority 78% stated that telecommuters are either equally or more productive than those who work in offices.
Watching Netflix’ ‘ Watch Now’
NewTeeVee reviews Netflix’s new download service.
First Ze Take Hollywood ’
Our favorite web smart-ass, Ze Frank is poised to go from Internet famous to famous famous. [Via NewTeeVee]
Globalization Has Increased the Wealth Gap
An interview with Nobel prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz about why globalization isn’t working, and what we can do to fix it.
Event-Driven Web Application Design
An overview of what to consider when developing interactive web applications with HTML and DOM scripting. Related: DOM Scripting by Jeremy Keith.
HTML Email Design Recommendations for 2007
The folks at Rocket Science Group / MailChimp gives an overview of how HTML email development will change with Outlook 2007.

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