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Links for November 15, 2006

JavaScript, We Hardly new Ya
When and when not to use the new keyword.
Graded Browser Support: Q4 Update
Yahoo! updates its browser support list now that we’ve got new releases of Internet Explorer and Firefox.
A new XML schema for creating sitemaps that give clues to the three major search engines about how to crawl your site. It’s based on Google Sitemaps.
Starbucks, Ethiopia, and the Coffee Branding Wars
Ethiopia moves to trademark the names of its famous coffee regions — Sidamo, Yirgacheffe (sometimes spelled Yergacheffe) and Harar — and Starbucks says Unh uh!.
.net Magazine interview with Caterina Fake
All about the Flickr phenomenon and online community.
Mobile Link Discovery spec
Using the <link> tag to enable auto-discovery of your mobile site. Easy, simple, valid, and brilliant. [Via Andrea Trasatti]
Click and drag across a web page to measure the size of an item. Similar to the Rula utility for Mac OS X, but only usable within your browser window.
A blog by the folks behind the HTML 5 specification. [Via Molly]
Must Have Add-Ons for IE7
A list of hot add-ons / extensions for Internet Explorer 7.

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  1. Sitebases, the next protocol after Sitemaps…

    It can save the time and press for the search engine, also for the websites.
    It can bring new search engine that named Search Engin 2.0.
    Using Sitebase protocol, will save 95% bandwidth above. It is anthother sample for long tail thery.
    In this protoco…