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“Broken Boy Soldiers” – The Raconteurs

raconteurs.jpg Okay, so one morning I woke up and the TV was on MTV. And I heard something about “Jack White” — as in the dude from the White Stripes, who would be my favorite rockers if I actually paid attention to rock music. Then I saw the video credits. Something about “Steady As She Goes.” Jack White was in it. But no Meg. WTH?

So this quirky rock tune is playing. And I’m singing along with the hook. It’s infectious. I’m intrigued. So I bought the album (release date: May 19 … I told you I don’t pay attention to rock music).

I must say, it’s quite delicious. Broken Boy Soldiers manages to mix rock with elements funk and blues. The title track has this intense baseline that’s almost Afro-beat-meets psychedelia. “Blue Veins” is surprisingly soulful. It sounds like something Leela James might sing, but with White’s rock vocal. Compared to the White Stripes’ stuff, this album is sonically richer. More people = more instruments, which means a wider palette of sound. And the group just plays all over the palette.

A recommended buy.

View the “Steady As She Goes” video

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