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On Cultured Wino, you may have noticed that all of the images have a thick white border surrounded by a thin black border. How did I do it? Simple: assign padding to the img element. It doesn’t, however, work in every browser.

  • Over at Zonkette: Financially Interested Blogging as it relates to politics. I will say this: many bloggers don’t consider themselves journalists, and therefore see no reason to observe the ethical standards that journalists claim to.
  • At Wired: Heartaches of Journalist Bloggers looks at journalists who blog and the conflicts of doing so.
  • And, now that we know Iraq had no WMD, should we think the administration knew this before invading and lied to us? Or is this an honest — though extremely expensive — “my bad”? (And if Iraq was under a pretty strict embargo for the better part of a decade, then where would he have come up with the money to have a WMD program?) Tony Pierce has some thoughts on Glenn Reynolds’ (lack of) reaction to this story as well.
  • Paul Nixon discusses what the new Mac Mini and iPod shuffle might benefit Apple (complete with a lovely chart).
  • The Poor Man makes a solid point about the right-wing media’s reaction to “Rather-gate” versus they (yet-to-materialize) “WMD-gate.” And read through the comments, for an interesting comparison of how the Bush regime stacks up to seven dictatorships.
  • From Wired (Via Women, high-tech and sex-toys

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